Carnival Cruises To Pay $ 20 Million In Pollution And Cover-Up Case

Carnival, based in Miami, is a global operation that has a strong grip on the cruise market. In addition to Princess, cruise lines include Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line and Seabourn. Together, the various brands earn around 11 million travelers each year, about 50 percent of the global cruise market, according to the company's website.

Carnival's stock market values ​​are estimated at nearly $ 35 billion.

In 2002, Carnival was ordered to pay $ 18 million in fines after having been guilty of criminal charges related to the falsification of the oil-contaminated bilge water that six of the ships had dumped into the sea.

The company came under further scrutiny after Princess agreed in 2016, to plead guilty to crimes and pay the violent $ 40 million penalty.

In that case, prosecutors said that employees of one of the company's cruise ships, the Caribbean Princess, had spent more money, including a unit called a magic pipe, bypassing water purification mechanisms and digital devices that monitor oil levels. Officials said four other princess ships were also found to have engaged in illegal waste discharge practices.

The discharged waste contained gray water – water that has been contaminated with food particles, fats and fats – and water found in the ship's load, the bottom of the ship where oil waste from engines can accumulate.

A whistleblower notified the authorities and certain engineers ordered a coverup, including leading subordinates to lie, according to prosecutors.

A motive for dumping, officials said, was to save money because the removal of the waste from the ship in ports is expensive.

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