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California states that all city buses must be emissions free by 2040 – TechCrunch

On the heels of a fierce government report published last month on climate change and its devastating impact, many cities and states crawl ways to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions that threaten air quality, not to mention their economies. 19659002] As is the case, California leads the leadership, yesterday, the first state becomes mandated that mass transit agencies buy fully electric buses that begin in 2029 and that public transport routes are populated by electric buses alone in 2040. [19659002] The new rule is expected to require production and purchase of more than 14,000 new zero-emission buses.

Mary Nichols, head of the California Air and Resource Board (CARB), who voted unanimously to make California the first state with such an obligation, told earlier this month that California has "pushing standards that are more progressive "than the federal government because of the chronic pollution of the state, which is linked, inter alia, to asthma and heart disease.

The move is apparently a result of several years of CARB's work with industrial and public health groups, and it flies in the face of movements of Trump Administration to push for lower fuel efficiency standards and to promote the use of fossil fuels.

In fact, the Trump administration has asked from the beginning how much the United States is responsible for cutting down the emissions, and the latest government report apparently does not change anything for the president. In the last month, it was asked for the government's finding that undiscovered global warming would have catastrophic consequences for the US economy. He said, "I do not think so." He added: "People like me have a very high level of intelligence, but We are not necessarily such believers."

Instead of waiting for the administration to change, California's new Innovative Clean Transit rule force California's public bus lines ̵[ads1]1; many of which are currently running on natural gas or diesel – to switch to either electric power or hydrogen fuel cells.

The movement could be a blessing for electric bus companies like Proterra, a 14-year-old, Burlingame, Ca., a company that has traveled about half a billion dollars from investors to build its zero-emission, battery-electric buses. It could also potentially help the public Chinese automaker giant BYD, which, as reported by TC, has been in a partnership forum with cities across China to electrify their collective transport systems and now expanding their footprints worldwide.

The New Decision is not the only line of attack that California adopts. As The Hill notes, earlier this year, California also voted to become the first state to mandate new homes to be retrofitted with solar panels. In September, Governor Jerry Brown signed an bill that would require the state to surrender to a 100 percent renewable electricity grid by 2045.

CARB has also worked to advise the US Environmental Agency, which announced last year what it called Cleaner Trucks Initiative. EPA officials say that through the initiative, the agency plans to revise standards for lorry pollution in a way that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions while at the same time eliminating the demands that the industry has complained about is economically difficult.

As reported by the LA Times, despite the announcement, nobody knows whether EPA plans stricter emission limits or anything as strict as 90 percent reduction in nitrogen oxide contamination, which CARB has said is necessary to cleanse smog to health standards.

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