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Cadillac CT4 from 2020 is Cadillac's phony attempt to attract a & # 39; new generation of customers & # 39;

Image: Cadillac

2020 The Cadillac CT4 is here, with an all-turbocharged range, optional four-wheel drive, and the goal of attracting the "new generation" of Cadillac customers. Although meant to lead in the new generation of Cadillac sedans to replace ATS and CTS, it doesn't do anything you want to call radical, not so much as adopting a slightly more creative name.

Cadillac, specifically, said that CT4 was developed to "appeal to youthful buyers in the luxury market that may be new to the Cadillac brand." Kids, Cadillac comes after ya ̵

1; using the same approach it has used for many years.

Image: Cadillac

Cadillac announced details of the new CT4 sedan on Thursday, and if you vaguely remember reading about a CT4 before, it was the stunningly underrated CT4-V, meant to be a substitute for one of the outgoing The V-Series performance cars, however, do not bring large enough power figures to do so. This is the usual CT4, which is intended for even less performance.

The new CT4 comes with a fully turbocharged assembly and standard rear wheel drive, as Cadillac announced, and AWD will be available on all models. Super Cruise will be available in the calendar year 2020, as Cadillac says, which means you can pay for it, but it doesn't specify if it will be limited to trim.

Image: Cadillac

The standard engine is the Cadillac's 2.0-liter, two-wheeled turbo four-cylinder which produces a rated 237 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, and it will be mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. There is also a 2.7-liter turbo, which will be available on the higher Premium Luxury trim of the car and standard on the V Series. On the Premium Luxury trim it will make 309 HP and 348 lb-ft, while earlier this year we were told that it will make 325 HP and 380 lb-ft on the CT4-V. Models with that engine will get a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Image: Cadillac [19659003] Inside, the CT4 will have an eight-inch infotainment touch screen and the ability to make out-of-air updates, as well as an available heated steering wheel and "eight different interior colors, materials and trim options." t out, but Cadillac said the car will be available for booking later this year.

But as decent as Cadillac's products are, apart from the company's confusing business ideas and tendency to jump from strategy to strategy – like a new V-Series car that does just 24 more horsepower than a regular Toyota Camry – it's strange that the company would try to market this CT4 to "youthful buyers" who may be "new to the Cadillac brand."

Image: Cadillac

In the basic sense, this car is not really a departure from anything Cadillac has done, and that was expected after we saw the CT4-V. It looks like a Cadillac. It is turbocharged, luxurious and will probably be expensive, though less expensive than the cars it replaces, like a Cadillac. It's a sedan, which Cadillac is known for. It controls the rear wheels, like a Cadillac.

Cadillac appears to have fallen into the "Blah" category, something for its own sake. Some of this is due to high prices. Some of this is due to a lack of competition with the German luxury brands, while they have also not created their own identity (which you can find, say, Lincoln.) Public opinions that it can not completely control. It's a bit like Corvette before the mid-engine C8 came out: Sure, the product is good, but even in a roaring 755-HP ZR1 it's hard not to feel like a middle-aged man. It's also hard not to feel a little "blah" about Cadillac, though it's hard to explain why.

Image: Cadillac

But unlike a motor movement in a Corvette, there is nothing new and daring here that will make CT4 attract the young and new brand audience it so badly desires – even though the Product itself seems like a perfect vehicle.

And while it's not all Cadillac's fault that it has to go after new buyers, it probably shouldn't mark the same old, same old as one of its attempts to do so.

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