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<p>  Jony is not the only one looking at the exit, Apple announced this week that Mac Pro will move on to greener pastures – in China, seems like yesterday the company was curling about how it will continue to produce the luxurious workstations here in the US But what is the difference six years and one ongoing trade war. </p><div class=


It is not often that you see a cable station pack up a previous Netflix IP, but One Day at a Time is not your average size eamingprogram. Having been insecurity dumped by the streaming service earlier this year, the Latinx drama series will get a 13 episode 4 season on Pop TV, the broadcaster behind Schitt's Creek.

 asdf [19659002] While Elon Musk puts his sights on Mars, NASA looks a little further away. The city center announced this week that it will launch a flying rover mission to Saturn's largest moon. Given that Titan is the only celestial satellite in the solar system to have a dense atmosphere, astronomers are concerned with what they can find. The mission is scheduled to start in 2026 and arrive at the moon by 2034.

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<p> Your commuting can soon be a little less crowded thanks to Google Maps. The service is set to roll out a new feature in over 200 cities around the world that will tell public transport about how much their train cars will be. </p>
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Jony may be on the way out, but Apple's Music fans are surely & # 39; Streaming music service has topped 60 million paid subscribers. Another 40 million more and the company will finally be able to compete with Spotify on an equal footing.

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