Burger King triples on Impossible Whopper with 3 new meatless burgers

The Impossible Whopper Jr.
Photo : Burger King

When a movie studio releases a hit movie, we can expect about half a dozen sequels and spinoffs. So too with fast food successes, as companies rush to give customers more of what they want to spend money on. After the first success Impossible Whopper Burger King has now logically concluded that it should continue to "yes" and its plant-based burger offerings. According to a Burger King spokesperson, the chain will add three new impossible burgers – an Impossible Whopper Jr., an Impossible Burger and an Impossible Cheeseburger – to menus as a test in 180 locations.

The Impossible Whopper Jr. is obviously a smaller version of Impossible Whopper – and if there's anything like Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger by vegan burgers, it's a win. The other two sandwiches are perhaps even more new, as both will be available as part of BK's children's menu, marking the first time a plant-based burger has been available on a fast food menu of this scale.

Burger King is testing these new alternatives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Augusta, Georgia; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Buffalo, New York. If the Impossible Whopper tests offer a blueprint, we will probably see these across the country over time.

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