Bud Light breaks the beer war with Miller in the Super Bowl commercial

A MillerCoors brewing exec foam on the mouth Sunday after Bud Light went medieval at his firm in a Super Bowl ad and savaged it to use corn syrup


The Bud Light spot opens with "Bud Knight" and his friends receive the delivery of a giant barrel of corn syrup to the castle. Apart from the fact that Bud does not use the ubiquitous ingredient – they go on a pilgrimage to deliver the dish to Miller's castle.

When they get there, a guard informs them that they already have their shipment and says, "Try Coor's Little Castle – they also use corn syrup."

"Bud just threw the gloves and the troll Coor's super hard. for the use of corn syrup of all things, "said Adman Hunter Hindman, chief creative officer at ARGONAUT Inc.

" Got to appreciate the good old-fashioned competitive mudsling at the big game. Let's hope it just gets more willing from here . "

Via the agency's managing director Leann Leahy added," [I] appreciates the epic message of the execution. "

But the ad didn't go so smoothly with Miller's chief superior, PJ Marino.

"Bud Light uses rice to help the fermentation. We use corn syrup. Interestingly, none of our products use High Fructose Corn Syrup, but more of [Anheuser-Busch InBev’s] does. Things that make you go hmmmmm," he fumed in a tweet just after the ad aired.

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