Brooklyn Center police responded to over 6,000 calls at the Shingle Creek Walmart in the past 5 years

Police say the Brooklyn Center Walmart off Shingle Creek Crossing has seen thousands of police responses over the past five years. The big box store announced it plans to close its doors on April 21.

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In a statement to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, the company said the move was due to failure to meet “financial expectations.”

Since the Brooklyn Center Walmart opened in 2012, it has been a hot spot for crime. Customers say that due to rising crime, they are not surprised by the closure.

“Every other day we run in here and get something and there’s a fight outside or you see someone running out with merchandise,”[ads1]; Lauren Cole said.

Brooklyn Center police said Walmart has made 6,177 calls for service over the past five years. That’s twice as many calls compared to surrounding businesses like Super 8 and Cub Foods with 3,270 and 3,038 calls respectively. All three businesses top the city’s list for calls for services.

For further context, police say just six miles away, the Walmart in Brooklyn Park has had 1,679 calls for service in the past five years.

In the past, state lawmakers shared concerns that Walmart was draining public resources.

In 2017, the big box store agreed to pay for an off-duty officer to patrol the Brooklyn Center store four days a week.

After 10 years of being an anchor store in the area, customers told 5 ØYENVITENNYHETER that they hope the closure is a wake-up call.

“Let’s take care of our neighborhood and have nice things around here so it can help other people who are unfortunate that can’t go out to shop elsewhere so they can have a place to shop here,” Jason said Cole.

The store has 350 employees and told city officials they are working to relocate those employees.

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