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Broadcom is talking about buying VMware, Cloud Computing Company

Broadcom, the semiconductor giant, is in talks to buy VMware, according to a person familiar with the matter.

An agreement is not yet final, said the person on Sunday night, who was not authorized to discuss it in public. Bloomberg first reported the talks.

Broadcom has long been very acquiring and CEO, Hock E. Tan, is known for making deals. The chip company, which was based in Singapore but has moved its headquarters to San Jose, California, initially bought mostly other chip companies. But since the $ 117 billion deal to buy US chipmaker Qualcomm was blocked in March 201[ads1]8 by President Donald J. Trump due to national security concerns, Broadcom has diversified its goals. It acquired software company CA Technologies for $ 18.9 billion later that year and a security division of Symantec for $ 10.7 billion in 2019.

VMware, which was spun off from Dell Technologies in November last year, is known for creating virtualization software, which allows one computer to work like many computers and essentially makes computing more efficient. It has also diversified and created a variety of software for data centers.

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