British Airways passengers endure three days 'journey from hell' from Orlando to London

British Airways passengers bound to the UK lived through a "sanctuary trip" after stabbing in the US for three days, and many of them documented their ears against the airline on social media. The trip is from Orlando, Florida, on Thursday night, but after countless trouble and a detour to New York, they finally arrived at London Gatwick Airport on Sunday.

The airline said in a statement to CBS News that BA Flight 2036 had "less technical problem", which forced flights to sit on a roll for hours Thursday before it was terminated so that passengers stayed at a hotel overnight and a whole day waiting for Friday.

The flight to London Gatwick did not leave before Saturday early in the morning ̵[ads1]1; and shortly after departure it was diverted to New York as a "precaution," a British spokesman said. According to BA, an emergency flight was sent to New York to get customers back to London as "fast as possible". Dozens of customers who would go on Thursday at 07:25. – landed on sunday at 6:49 pm

During a three-day sampling, passengers on social media released their rage on the airline, so many complained about the lack of communication and generally "disgusting" customer service.

For a family a $ 15,000 trip to Disney World became a real nightmare. In an interview with the BBC, passenger Sarah Wilson accused British Airways of "fouling their passengers when they needed help most."

"BA's customer service was disgusting, completely abominable," said mother-of-four, whose plane to Florida alone cost more than $ 5,200.

"The passengers were treated inhuman, all we wanted was some food and drink, a place to sleep and kept informed – and they did not work in every way, whatever they claim," said Wilson.

Ceri Todd, who traveled with two teenagers, told the BBC that passengers had been "abandoned" by BA.

"It was the journey from hell as it would be a vacation of a lifetime that we" D saved for years to continue. "

The airline said," It was appreciated that it was an exhausting and frustrating experience for our customers and we are sorry for the long delay in the plane. "

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