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Blue Origins latest New Shepard test aircraft underwent NASA experiments

The test plane took off Wednesday from the company's plant in Texas at 10:05 local time. The New Shepard rocket launched the capsule that contained NASA goods in suborbital rooms, reaching a height of more than 66 miles. The entire mission lasted 10 minutes and 15 seconds from launch to rocket touchdown. The rappet, who was on his fourth flight, returned to earth and landed vertically as desired. The capsule parachuted back to earth, landing on the West Texas plains and restored.

The successful mission is a good sign of Blue Origin, which has a high goal of launching people on board before the end of the year. The New Shepard rocket used during Wednesday's launch has been rated for human passengers. However, Blue Origin has talked about manned launches for a while now and has not yet delivered. The company targeted 201[ads1]7 for an obsessed flight and suggested it would be ready to finish one in 2018, but both years came and went without delivering.

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