A video of a woman who seems to lick a bath of Blue Bell ice cream before putting it back in a grocery store freezer, has drawn the attention of millions, including Blue Bell Creameries.

The video was posted Saturday by the user "Optimus Primal," with the caption "What kind of psychopathic behavior is this?!" has been seen more than 10 million times from Monday night.

Blue Bell Creameries said it is "monitoring the situation" and co-operation with law enforcement.

"This kind of events will not be tolerated," Texas company said in a statement.

Some people on Twitter have called for the woman's arrest:

Others wondered why the ice was not sealed:

Blue Bell Creameries had an answer to that in their statement: "During production, our half gallons turned upside down and sent to a curing room where the ice freezes until the lid creates a natural seal, "the company said. "The covers are frozen close to the carton. Any attempt to open the product should be noticeable."

It is unclear from the video if the woman left the grocery store after licking Tin Roof-flavored ice cream or where the video was taken.

Here is the full statement available at bluebell.com:

We would like to thank our consumers for notifying us of the incident this weekend of a video posted on social media showing a Blue Bell object is manipulated. We take this issue very seriously and are currently working on law enforcement, retail partners and social media platforms. This type of event will not be tolerated.

Food safety is a top priority, and we work hard to provide a safe product and maintain the highest level of confidence from our consumers.

] During production, our half gallons are turned upside down and sent to a curing room where the ice freezes to the lid and creates a natural seal. The covers are frozen close to the carton.


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