Black Friday Breaks Records for sale, technology

Black Friday was expected to break records this year, and so far it has – both in the store and online.

Cyber ​​sales alone hit $ 6.22 billion by the end of Friday, according to Adobe Analytics data. It's almost a quarter more sales than last year when buyers put down over $ 5 billion on an online buyer, found Adobe.

While total sales are not partial because some retailers expand their Black Fridays over the weekend, Mastercard (MC) says the shopping trip has been "robust" and forecasts around $ 23 billion in total spending.

Up to 116 million people were predicted to be shopping yesterday, according to the National Retail Federation. If the number is held, it will also break last year's action record.

But it's not just how much buyers spend this year that's peaked last year's shopping holiday. That's how they spend their money.

Black Friday was also a massive day for shopping with smartphone. Some $ 2 billion in spending came from phones alone, according to Adobe Analytics. Several customers have also ordered online and picked up at the stores.

The trend of acting across the real and virtual world is a lot of retailers had prepared when mega sellers like Target (TGT) and Walmart (WMT) coordinated their apps, technology, websites and brick and mortar -salgsstrategier. Goals, for example, let the staff scan products and accept credit cards from any location in the stores, and Walmart used a similar checkout system, as well as let buyers find in the store, buying a special Black Friday map on the Walmart smartphone app. Many retailers also offered free shipping or shop retrieval of products.

Such strategies, experts say, can also reduce the crowds in stores, which may be the reason why stories in the retail home appeared less than in previous years. The main report of violence took place on Thursday night in an Alabama shopping mall where two people ̵[ads1]1; including one child – were injured in a shooting. The police killed a suspect who later turned out to not be the shooter, which is believed to be still high, according to reports.

Alabama was ranked one of the 5 most dangerous places during Black Friday, according to a review of

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