Black field weed swamp company linked to lung crisis is confirmed on Instagram

Dank Vapes, a brand of THC evaporator cartridges with a black market, whose products have been linked to the outbreak of vaping-related lung disease, has an official confirmed account on Instagram – although it may not even be a real company.

The brand claims that "nothing is for sale" in its Instagram bio. However, users can purchase products with flavor names such as "cotton candy" and "banana split" through third-party distributors who advertise their services in the comments on Dank Vape's confirmed Instagram post.

  Black market porridge vaping company linked to lung crisis is confirmed on Instagram

vape-related lung diseases reported using cartridges from Dank Vapes.

"Dank Vapes seems to be the most prominent in a class of largely counterfeit brands," says CDC, "with regular packaging that is readily available online and used by distributors to market THC-containing cartridges without obvious centralized production or distribution. The report comes from health professionals in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Dank Vapes may not even be a real company in it. An Inverse report in August concluded that the brand is "one of the biggest conspiracies in all marijuana" – a packaging company "without quality control or supervision. "

The Instagram account appears to be registered in Los Angeles. But there are no California marijuana licenses in the name. The California Cannabis Industry Association does not recognize Dank Vapes as a registered trademark.

And that means Dank Vapes slip through the cracks of regulation, California states require rigorous testing from cannabis labs to legally sell poodles, but as Vox found it looked at vaping communities online, just about anyone can create and distribute their own vape juice.

Dank Vapes The account, first posted in September, advertises different tastes and does not directly link to distributors, and the account's comments are filled by people trying to buy flavored cartridges – and by Instagram users who warn others.

  Black-market weed vape company linked to lung crisis is confirmed on Instagram

  Black market porridge company linked to lung crisis is confirmed on Instagram

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Instagram did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But to get verified, an account must be "in the public interest," according to Instagram's verification page. The account must "represent a real person, registered business or entity." The company also says that to qualify for verification, the account in question must represent a "known, highly searched person, brand or device."

The verification process requires some form of identification, such as an ID issued by the government, which means Instagram may have the identification of a person who claimed to be branded Vapes.

Inverse points to a Jake Lindsey as the person who provided the trademarks of Dank Vapes at U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The only account that Dank Vapes follows on Instagram is Dankwoods, another trademark of Lindsey. It's a dull pre-roll distributor that, unlike the Instagram bio unit, seems to sell and post products online.

The Dankwoods Store accepts payment through Western Union, Moneygram, Zelle, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Cards and CashApp. Dankwood's page also sells Dank Vapes & # 39; cassettes.

The domain name is registered in an office and retail building in San Francisco's SOMA district, one block from the Giants' ballpark.

In a section entitled "Is Dank Vapes Safest for Health?" The Dankwood website says "We are professionals: We don't mind ruining your life." Here is the bizarre, barely English disclaimer in its entirety:

Dank Vapes is not safe for health. People who take this already cannot understand these words. They take this to fulfill bodily desires or habits, which they have previously developed. Buy Dank Vapes Online.

Due to a high concentration of the chemical, they probably damage the [sic] supply to function well. Some studies show that Dank Vapes has health effects on the heart.

Slowly damages the esophagus which affects the stomach activity. "

The site does not mention the ongoing vape-related lung disease crisis, which claimed seven lives. The Centers for Disease Control, the Federal Drug Administration, and Health and Human Services immediately recommend wasting black market vapors purchased on the street, rather than in a regulated store, regardless of whether it contains CBD, THC or nicotine.

Leafly reported that a diluent called Honey Cut, which dilutes THC oil without affecting viscosity, contains vitamin E oil. New York health officials suspect vitamin E oil could cause serious lung damage seen in patients admitted to hospitals for leprosy-related symptoms.

The Dank Vapes Instagram account has not responded to a request for comment, and calls for number listed on did not go to answer red.

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