Bitcoin (BTC) Signal flashes for the first time since $ 300: Rally inbound

Bitcoin in Bull Run, as per indicators

Important technical indicators tell us that Bitcoin (BTC) has a decisive bullish trend. As pointed out by analyst Josh Rager on Monday, Super Guppy, an indicator intended to determine trends and key levels, has turned green on the three-day chart of the crypto curve. Although this sounds like a random technical event, especially because Guppy is not a mainstream indicator, Rager suggests that this confirms the ongoing beef trend.

He adds that while the one-day deterrence of this indicator may produce "false rashes", three-day Super Guppy is a good signal for analysts to determine trend extensions and dips to buy. Rager reminds his investors that the last three-day Guppy looked like it did now, a 25-month rise occurred, leading Bitcoin from $ 200 to $ 20,000 in the recent history move.

This is not the only thing positive signs seen by the leading digital asset. As previously reported by Ethereum World News, analyst Nunya Bizniz noted that Bitcoin is closing its weekly light well above the 50-week moving average on Monday morning, it would be fair to say that "crypto winter" is over. Bizniz points to the fact that when Bitcoins a week's chart looked like it did in the past, it was a bull run in BTC. Many hope that Bizniz and Rager are right.

Drawdown before the Rally?

However, some are not so sure that a full-fledged performance is on yet. In fact, some postulate that a drawdown is in-depth for the leading crypto competition. As we suggested in a previous report on the state of the crypto course market, parabolic advances never go well in themselves.

Legendary merchant Peter Brandt, an analyst who is about 50% sure that Bitcoin will succeed, notes that Bitcoin with this advance of nearly $ 9,000 has entered the "FOMO phase" of this parabolic advance. This suggests to the ignorant that the premise will soon reach a local peak, which means a drawdown is near.

In fact, Brandt suggests that "once a majority of sold-out crypto women surrender … a greater correction is likely to occur." The trader did not mention when or where such a correction would Begin, but his goal for this move is $ 9,320 and $ 10,600.

This is not to say that the crypto course market can still shoot higher from here. Well-regarded analyst Alex Krüger reminded his supporters that Bitcoin still has room to run. In the tweet below, he noted that the last time BTC was overbought on its daily chart's Relative Strength Index (RSI), December 6, 2017, a "parabolic move" occurred. In fact, the BTC has invested from $ 13,700 to $ 20,000 over the next ten unknown days.

This suggests that BTC cannot rally strongly in "overbought" territory, but it can also create investors' expectations.

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