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Following the Bitfinex and Tether drama, the Crypto Fear and Greed Index is now in the fear zone.

The Index, created by developers and creators of and, analyzes market volatility, surveys, and social media to determine the current general sense of crypto dealers. The current grade of 42 means investors are worried that a further decline in the price of Bitcoin is on the horizon.

Source:, April 27

The index applies to Warren Buffets famous advice that traders should be "horrible when others are greedy and greedy when others are afraid."

According to the website, Extreme Fear may be a sign that investors are too worried. It may be a buying opportunity

  • When investors get for greedy it means the market is due to a correction
  • Crypto dealers as a whole respond to the news of Bitfinex and Tether claims, with Bitcoinist contributor and analyst Filb Filb telling his 13,000 Twitter followers he has moved to fiat.

    Crypto April 19, 2019

    Crypto trader and investor Josh Rager tells his 31,000 Twitter follower he believes the Bitfinex situation will leave the market intact.

    Crypto analyst Willy Woo, who bought his first Bitcoin in 2013, tells his 91,000 Twitter followers to remember how the markets retreated after Mt. Gox.

    Meanwhile, Saying YouTube's most popular crypto analyst DataDash, he is encouraged to see if Bitcoin can hold over $ 5,000.

    "If we can actually stay here a third time, this would actually be quite confident. This has been some of the most bearish news, as we will dive into it in an instant, as we have seen throughout 2019. If this is not enough to push Bitcoin past this site, or to push Bitcoin under $ 5,000, and market [of all cryptocurrencies] under 168 billions of dollars, it will be a triple bottom – a sign of confidence in the markets to move higher. "

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