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Bernie Sanders targets Walmart and aims at low wages and CEO | Resistance Now | American news

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Stop Walmart

Bernie Sanders and California Congressman Ro Khanna launched the Stop Walmart Act on Thursday ̵[ads1]1; a campaign that would force Walmart and other big companies to raise the minimum wage of $ 15 an hour.

The law would prevent big companies from buying back shares – when a company buys the shares back from the market, it often makes it possible to distribute more money to shareholders – unless they commit to $ 15 per hour and trust employees seven days in absence due to sickness .

Sanders and Khanna wrote:

Walmart made more than $ 13 billion in profits last year while the median worker was paid only $ 19177. Instead of using the earnings to increase wages at $ 15 an hour, Walmart plans to buy back $ 20 billion of its own stock over a period of two years to enrich its executives and shareholders.

Another important part of the legislation would be that repurchases would be prohibited unless a company ensured that the CEO's compensation was no more than 150 times the median payment to all employees.

Sanders and Khanna say that the CEO of Walmart currently amounts to 1,188 times as much as the media workers.

Ocasio-Cortez made presence felt on climate change

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez began 150 activists from the Sunrise Movement Environment Organization for a protest at the Nancy Pelos office at Capitol Hill this week.

Demonstration urged for acute action on climate change now, as democrats have taken control of the house. Activists – including the Progressive Organization's Justice Democrats – want Pelosi to create a select sample for a Green New Deal, which would have the power to create meaningful legislation to tackle climate change.

"Nancy Pelosi and the leadership of the Democratic Party must be serious about the climate and our economy," said Waleed Shahid, chief executive officer for justice democrats.

"All the less is the same as denying the reality of climate change. The hopeful part is that we are ushering a new generation of leaders into the democratic party who understands the urgency, and will help build a move to create the political will for bold action. "

The Green New Deal Election Committee – a draft proposal on Ocasio-Cortez's website – would have the authority to develop a detailed federal plan to help the US economy to transition to carbon neutral status. have the opportunity to investigate industries or groups as it "considers to be a relevant resource" – including holding public hearings.

What We Read

"Oil companies dumped millions of dollars into 2018 elections to defeat the major initiatives which could have reduced the use of fossil fuels, "writes David Sirota in Guardian. It includes retrieving $ 40m to oppose the modest Colorado Proposition 112, which would force oil and gas wells and fracking sites returning from homes, hospitals and schools, and throwing similar amounts to handle clean energy measurements in Washington State and Arizona.

Expenses – which did not start this cycle in any way – Has some prominent Democrats "cowering in fear," says Sirota. But he believes there is hope for those who do not want the planet to fade and die – 14 states are now controlled by Democrats, who can use the power to curb emissions and mandate renewable energy measures.

We & # 39; I'll take a break for Thanksgiving – see you soon.

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