Ben & Jerry's press congress to expand earlier marijuana beliefs

The famous Vermont ice cream company Ben & Jerry has created a petition that asks Congress to extend past marijuana beliefs and forgiveness to anyone whose sole crime was possession of the drug, according to their site.

They published a petition statement on Saturday, entitled "This 4/20, Let's Get Stupid About Justice."

"Between 2001[ads1] and 2010, there were over 8 million pot arrests (88 percent for possession.) And in that time, a black person was 3.73 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than a white person, the company said in a statement. "Since then, in states that have legalized cannabis, arrests, as you expect, have finished. Unfortunately, legalization has done nothing to change racial incidents. "The ice cream giant is one of the first American companies to publicly pronounce to protect cannabis use. They hope to use the platform to spread awareness of a problem that has seen increased bipartisan support Every year, the statement stated.

BEN & JERRY'S SLAMS TRUMP ADMINISTRATION WITH PECAN RESIST & ICE CREAM FLAVOR [19659005] Former Speaker of the House Jim Boehner is now a supporter and Cannabis startup investor in Canada Ben and Jerry have at one point noted that he was "infinitely opposite" to legalize the pot.

The Icre company also used social media to discuss issues of racial injustice in marijuana convictions. currently has almost 110,000 retweets and over 230,000 likes.

Ben & Jerry mentions that cities like Baltimore have long been subject to marijuana and some ll dare old warrants and beliefs, they want it to be a nationwide policy.


"We appeal to Congress to extend past marijuana beliefs and to give forgiveness / amnesty to anyone who has only cannabis-possession crime" company. "Cities like San Francisco and Seattle are already doing it. It's time to take this nationally."

Last year, Ben & Jerry hoped to regain the congress by creating democratically inspired flavors. They also talked to the Trump administration with a Pecan Resist & # 39; taste.

The petition currently has nearly 30,000 signatures.

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