Beat PM: Alex Trebek is fighting cancer, the latest Blockbuster is in Oregon, an increase in White Supremacist Propaganda – Stroke

<img src = "" alt = "NOT what the (last) Blockbuster in Bend , Oregon looks. "Title =" NOT what the (last) Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon looks like.

NOT what the (last) Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon looks like. MELISSA COPY / GETTY IMAGES [19659004] The latest Blockbuster in the world is located in Bend, Oregon : There was a second in Perth, Australia, but it is going to die later this month Did you know there were 9000 Blockbusters all over the world? I can't say I really miss Blockbuster, I like our options, they are streaming services, but also better video stores like Scarecrow Video.

Washington sees a jump in the white supremacist propaganda : Last year, according to the Anti-Defamation League, there were 44 counts of white supremacist propaganda in the Washington state. In 201[ads1]7 there were only 15 cases. The increase here reflected a nationwide trend; There were 1,200 events in 2018 nationally.

Solar farms pick up steam in Washington : Nearly 1,700 acres now being used for grazing pastures in Klickitat County near the Columbia River will next be used for a new solar farm. The project will include 500,000 photovoltaic panels, equivalent to a capacity of 150 megawatts. I don't know how many homes can power, but my estimate is "a lot". Washington has been quite slow on the sun since we have all this hydro and wind power. But as legislators decide whether our destiny will be carbon, there is a renewed interest in renewable energy sources.

Lyn hit Seattle-bound fly : I love stories desperately trying to find a local angle. I don't beat the exercise, I mean, it's my job much of the time. Anyway, in this, California is hit by a wealth of wet and dramatic weather and a flight from LAX to Seattle (where it is!) Had to turn because it was hit by lightning. I really include this story just so I can add them to these sexy flash photos:

The Amazon's flow to Bellevue can ignite a "property fringe" : According to GeekWire and RedFin, Bellevue the market will be buzzing. Amazon seems to be taking a break from any Seattle expansion and setting its sights on beautiful Bellevue over the water. There are no hard data yet, as this growth is still very much in the initial stages. But as workers seem to live closer to the work and that the work moves to Bellevue … the market becomes hot, hot and hot.

We can not escape : Here comes more snow.

The Institute of Art in Seattle closes : It closes this Friday 8th. March. The term does not end until March 22. The school went pretty much out of money. "It's not exactly the school's fault that I have had to go to the emergency room," a student said. "I only experience stress different from people."

Now you've seen the news : If you don't, Alex Trebek, Jeopardy! host, Step 4 has pancreatic cancer. He is 78 years old. He says he will continue to fight and continue to work. Wish you all the best always, Alex.

Oops :

Amazon takes a $ 15 minimum wage : … And whole Foods employees saw a cut in their scheduled hours. There was some scrutiny and dismay about how Amazon treats and pays its stock workers, so the company decided to introduce a minimum wage across the enterprise. It's not too hot for Amazon-bought Whole Foods, according to Guardian . Their working hours were drastically reduced.

The Soviet Union, is it you? You can now be thrown into jail in Russia to respect the government. The sentence is either up to 15 days in prison or steep fines. If you are in Russia and make a negative Facebook post about the government, some governments, or Daddy Vladdy President Vladimir Putin, may reconsider – you can be fined up to 100,000 rubles.

Sen. Martha McSally, Republican Arizona spoke honestly about her sexual assault today : According to McSally, she was raped by a senior officer while she was in the military. McSally, a veteran and the first woman in the Air Force to fly into battle, gave an emotional testimony in a Senate defense defense hearing to prevent sexual assault in the military. She did not report the assault because she did not trust the system, she said.

An old problem : Texas judge disciplined after claiming that God told him that the defendant was innocent

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