Award winning show dog lost in Atlanta airport

Authorities and civil servants are trying to track down an award-winning showdog lost at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport moments before flying home.

Gale, a 22-month-old purebred American Staffordshire terrier, was in Atlanta with her incident for an incident, Channel 2 Action News reported. The dog would fly back to Amsterdam after a dog show on Saturday.

But before she boarded a KLM plane In Atlanta, she disappeared, reported Channel 2.

"When they tried to load the dog's cage, it was empty and they couldn't find her," said Gale the owner, Floris Van Essen, to the news station.

Van Essen once said the handlers came to the gate, they called from the terminal and informed them that Gale was gone. The traders were asked to board the aircraft while officials searched for the dog, Van Essen told Channel 2.

"She's lost," he said. "She doesn't understand, she misses us, and she's all alone in a big airport. It's a terrible trial."

KLM confirmed in a statement to Channel 2 that "a dog was able to break out of the cage when it was loaded into KL-622 from Atlanta to Amsterdam on March 23. "

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"The dog's owner had been notified. KLM expresses his sincere remorse and works actively with the Atlanta airport to search for the dog," said the statement.

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