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Nissan X-Trail prices and specifications

The X-Trail series has received an N-Trek variant, but the wider range has received a smaller price shock.

Nissan added a special edition X-Trail N-Trek to the best-selling SUV range, but also beat the manufacturer's suggested list price of the other variants by between $ 300 and $ 400.

Whether this actually applies to the wasted prices you pay remains to be seen.

The N-Trek specification levels between the intermediate stage X-Trail ST-L and flagship Ti, and come with both front and four-wheel drive configurations and five seats.

Over the ST-L gets the 19-inch alloy wheels, a Bose 8-speaker system, armored protection adjustment, front and rear weather shield, front and back kick plates and carpet mats.

Other specifications include a 360-degree camera, blind spot alert, intersection traffic alert, autonomous emergency braking, a 7.0-inch touchscreen, digital radio, leather-accented seat cover, satellite navigation with traffic monitoring and dual zone climate control.

The tactic for adding special editions to aging models is a proven one for Nissan. The first 600-strong X-Trail ST-L N-Sport range, offered from July last year, was "a quick sale" according to the brand.

The rest of the series is like before. There is still the choice between three engines: the only manual only 2.0-liter petrol has outputs of 106kW and 200Nm, the more powerful 2.5 liter 126kW power and 226Nm torque with a CVT, and the 2.0-liter diesel variant generates 130 kW and 380Nm.

While the current iteration of the X-Trail is getting long in the tooth, sharp promotional prices have kept sales high. The figures for 2019 so far this year are 16,132, giving it 11.4 per cent market share. It puts the third in class behind the Mazda CX-5 and Toyota RAV4.

Nissan X-Trail prices

  • FWD gasoline
  • ST 2.0 manual 5 seater – $ 29,890
  • ST 2.5 CVT 5 seater – $ 31,890
  • ST 2.5 CVT 7 seater – $ 33,490
  • ST-L 2.5 CVT 5 seater – $ 37,700
  • ST-L 2.5 CVT 7 seater – $ 39,300
  • N-Trek 2.5 CVT 5 seater – $ 38,700
  • AWD gasoline
  • ST 2.5 CVT 5 seater – $ 33,890
  • ST-L 2.5 CVT 5 seater – $ 39,700
  • N-Trek 2.5 CVT 5 seater – $ 40,700
  • Ti 2.5 CVT 5 seater – $ 45,340
  • AWD diesel
  • TS 2.0 CVT 5 seater – $ 36,690
  • TL 2.0 CVT 5 seater – $ 48,340

All prices are exclusive of road costs.

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