Aussie Teen Hacked Apple for a Job


An Australian boy who hacked Apple when he was only 13, in a misguided attempt to get a job with a technical giant, did a court hearing.

The schoolgirl, now 17, was guilty of several cybercrime offenses after Apple hacking in December 2015 and early 2017 and settling internal data, according to local reports.

His actions were reported to the FBI, who later contacted the Australian Federal Police.

The boy's lawyer, Mark Twiggs, told the Adelaide Youth Court that his client is now very comforting.

"This assault began when my client was 13 years old, a very young age. He had no idea of ​​the seriousness of the offense and hoped that when it was discovered that he could be employed by this firm," he reported.

"He did not know that this would lead to anything other than a job at the end of it, [this] happened in Europe, a similar person was caught and they ended up being employed by the company."

Magistraten Seems to have agreed to put the boy on a good $ 500 good behavior bond for nine months.

"He is obviously someone who is a gifted person in terms of information technology, as said, those who have this advantage of being gifted do not give them the right to abuse that gift," he said.

"You must remain straight and narrow and use your gifts for good instead of evil."

It is unclear what data the individual stole from Apple, but the company's spokesman confirmed that the incidents were instantly embedded and that no customer information w as involved.

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