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Aurora unveils next generation cannabis products – new cannabis ventures

Consumer legalization One year later: Aurora Cannabis reveals sneak peek of plans for NextGen Cannabis products

EDMONTON, October 1

6, 2019 / PRNewswire / – On the One Year Consumer Legalization in Canada, Aurora Cannabis Inc. ("Aurora") (NYSE | TSX: ACB), the Canadian company that defines the future of cannabis worldwide, announced plans to roll out vapes, concentrates and edible items when allowed for sale to consumers in December. The company has prioritized its resources to prepare for a successful first launch that will support an ongoing refill strategy to ensure consumers across Canada have access to a diverse portfolio of high-quality derivative products they want to buy.

You can see a collection of our commercial production of vapes, coins, chocolates and rubber.

Images are available on the Aurora Investor website HERE.

Aurora's product development and Insight team have done tremendous work to formulate new products in a variety of formats that we believe will exceed consumer expectations and drive growth in the category. Aurora has built industry-leading cannabis capacity and scalability supported by our consumer research and retail distribution strength to launch this next generation of cannabis products in the Canadian market.

Aurora CEO Terry Booth

We are ready to ship product as soon as the regulations allow and are happy that consumers and patients finally have access to a wider variety of product types. We are already working on expanding the range of new products beyond those to be launched.

To support the successful launch of vapes, concentrates and edible products, and to continue to ensure adequate supply for domestic and international markets, Aurora has established manufacturing hubs in Eastern and Western Canada at the Aurora River (Bradford, Ontario), Aurora Vie (Pointe Claire, Quebec) and at Aurora Sky (Leduc, Alberta).

These centers are intended to provide centralized production, packaging, logistics and distribution capabilities. In total, they cover more than 450,000 square meters and are strategically located to distribute Aurora's products to markets across the country. In addition, Aurora Air, a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facility near Aurora Sky at Edmonton International Airport, will be home to several of the new edible production lines. Aurora's next-generation products are formulated to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. All new cannabis product types are subject to a statutory Health Canada 60-day review period beginning October 17, 2019.

New Product Categories


Aurora's Customized Recovery Process Uses a Proprietary Method That Has a High Quantity and quality of terpenes and contains no fillers or diluents. Aurora brings a new range of high quality vaping products to the market at various price points that target all major consumer markets, including closed loop, 510 thread cartridges and disposable single use.


From seed to extract, it grows, extracts and produces its concentrates without fillers or diluents. The products are made entirely in-house, from 100 percent cannabis-derived rosin, using a proprietary process. The company intends to produce popular product forms such as crush, sugar wax and live rosin for consumer purchases in Canada.

Aurora's new edible package – which initially includes gums, chocolates, baked goods and coins – was created in consultation with food industry experts and food scientists to create cannabis-infused edible eateries. highest quality. Cannabis extract is added throughout the product to provide texture, texture and good taste.

To ensure Canadian consumers receive the highest quality products, Aurora has selectively partnered with a number of organizations in some of the edible product categories it originally intended to focus on, including:

Gummies and Candies: TBA [19659018] Aurora has established important partnerships with two leading companies to develop CBD and THC infused gummies and candy. These technical partnerships have positioned Aurora to be the leader in the edible category in Canada and in other jurisdictions in the future as regulations allow.

Chocolate: JACEK Chocolate Couture

JACEK Chocolate Couture ("JACEK") is an award-winning Alberta-based luxury chocolate manufacturer and retailer committed to innovation, craftsmanship and sustainability. JACEK is known for launching seasonal chocolate and confectionery collections, and spreads joy through fine, fashionable chocolate. Aurora has entered into an exclusive two-year global agreement to license JACEK's IP related to the manufacture and production of cannabis-infused chocolate. Together, JACEK and Aurora intend to develop infused chocolate fields and advanced decadent caramel-filled chocolates.

Baked Goods: WG Pro-Manufacturing & Touché Bakery

WG Pro-Manufacturing ("WG") specializes in customized packaging and co-production of food, confectionery and other consumables. Touché Bakery (“Touché”) is an experienced bakery manufacturer that works with WG to provide baking support for co-packaging and co-production. Aurora has entered into an exclusive partnership with WG and Touché, where Touché will manufacture cannabis-infused baked goods and WG will oversee packaging and co-production services in collaboration with Aurora's team at Aurora River, located in Bradford, Ontario. The first baked goods that were launched include a vegan brownie cookie with extra product formats that can be followed quickly.

  • Watch a video of Aurora's production of cannabis-infused mint HERE.
  • Watch a video of Aurora's cannabis-infused chocolate production HERE. [19659027] Watch a video of Aurora's cannabis-infused rubber production HERE.

Consumer Legal Anniversary

On the one-year anniversary of Consumer Legalization in Canada, Aurora recognizes the hard work and advocacy of patients, champions and the cannabis community that eventually led to the ban being finalized. Since its inception, Aurora has embraced the experience, knowledge and insights of cannabis community experts and has drawn on it in all areas of the business – including the development of edible items and consumables for the consumer market.

In April, Owen Smith joined Aurora's corporate social responsibility team as a stakeholder engagement specialist for Western Canada. Owen, a longtime cannabis trailblazer and activist, was arrested in 2009 for making cannabis-infused vegetable oil products for medical patients, inspired by the sister who was in the last phase of cancer. Using community funding, he took his case to the Supreme Court of Canada, which unanimously decided to limit medical cannabis access to dried flowers violating patients' right to make choices about their health.

"Because of that ruling, thousands of patients – and now consumers – have the right to access cannabis products that come in a variety of formats other than dried flowers," said Jonathan Zaid, Aurora's director of advocacy and corporate social responsibility. is who we are at Aurora. We support and embrace people who push the status quo and help lead the entire sector forward. We unite these worlds to create products people look for in the regulated market. "

To stay up-to-date on regular updates and insights on operations at Aurora, visit Aurora Insider, our investment-focused blog

About Aurora

Headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with funding capacity over 625 000 kg per year and sales and operations in 25 countries across five continents, Aurora is one of the largest and largest leading cannabis companies in the world. Aurora is vertically integrated and horizontally diverse in all important segments of the value chain, from plant engineering and design to cannabis breeding and genetics research, cannabis and hemp production, derivatives, high value product development, home cultivation, wholesale and retail distribution.

Aurora has established a uniquely advanced, consistent and efficient manufacturing strategy, very different from its peers, based on purpose-built facilities that integrate leading-edge technologies into all processes, defined by extensive automation and customization, resulting in massive scale production of consistent high quality product. Designed to be able to reproduce and scale globally, our manufacturing facilities are manufactured to produce cannabis on a substantial scale, with high quality, industry-leading returns and low per gram production costs. Each of Aurora's facilities is built to meet EU Good Manufacturing Standards (EU GMP). Certification has been granted to Aurora's first Mountain View County manufacturing facility, the MedReleaf Markham plant, and the wholly-owned European medical cannabis distributor Aurora Deutschland. All Aurora plants are designed and built to the EU GMP standard.

In addition to the company's rapid organic growth and strong execution of strategic M&A, which to date includes 17 wholly owned subsidiaries – MedReleaf, CanvasRX, Peloton Pharmaceutical, Aurora Deutschland, H2 Biopharma, BC Northern Lights, Larssen Greenhouses, CanniMed Therapeutics, Anandia , HotHouse Consulting, MED Colombia, Agropro, Borela, ICC Labs, Whistler, Chemi Pharmaceutical, and Hempco – Aurora stands out for its reputation as a chosen partner and employer in the global cannabis sector, after investing in and establishing strategic partnerships with a number of leading innovators, including: Radient Technologies Inc. (TSXV: RTI), Cann Group Ltd. (ASX: CAN), Micron Waste Technologies Inc. (CSE: MWM), Choom Holdings Inc. (CSE: CHOO), CTT Pharmaceuticals (OTCC: CTTH), Alcanna Inc. (TSX: CLIQ), High Tide Inc. (CSE) : HITI), EnWave Corporation (TSXV: ENW), Capcium Inc. (private), Evio Beauty Group (private) and Wagner Dimas (private).

Aurora Common Shares trades on the TSX and NYSE under the symbol "ACB" and is a component of the S & P / TSX Composite Index.

For more information about Aurora, please visit our investor website, investor.auroramj.com

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