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AT&T launches new television service online in three cities in Texas | AT&T

In a look back at traditional pay-TV practices, the service requires a two-year contract, with packages starting at $ 59.99 a month for about 70 channels. After the first year, the price bumps up to $ 93 a month. Eligible customers can pack AT&T Internet service and TV from $ 89.99 a month for the first year of the contract.

"Not that big a difference," said Walt Piecyk, an independent telecom analyst. AT&T will not undermine competition prices, but it fits with the strategy. The company's priority is to reduce debt, and it has been willing to lose customers if they are unprofitable.

"It should come as no surprise to investors that AT&T is not going to be a price leader in the market," he said.

Multiple TV boxes cost $ 1

0 a month, and no more than three streams can be viewed at the same time. Activation is $ 19.95, regional sports networks are not included, and not all local broadcast networks are available. The price includes 500 hours of DVR recording. The price levels are similar to DirecTV offers.

AT&T says it will waive an unlimited $ 30 monthly data fee for subscribers who pack the TV service with AT&T broadband. Like Comcast Corp. and some other broadband providers, use AT&T data. AT&T customers at lower-level plans are limited to 1 terabyte of data per month. The penalty for exceeding this ceiling is $ 10 for each additional 50 gigabytes.

"This is a pilot program," said Chip Wilson, a spokesman for AT&T. "We want to gather input from customers and find out what works or what doesn't."

Scott Moritz, Bloomberg

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