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China-based tech giant Huawei has during the last few days made a media flash to counter the wave of negative headlines that have dared the company for months. The media campaign has been so great that even its repurchased billionaire founder and CEO made a rare appearance before the press to lead some extraordinary praise on President Trump hoping to eradicate his company from all the poor publicity – and the impact of the ongoing US trade tensions between the country and China.

Nevertheless, stopping the damage to a company that was hoping to move Samsung this year could not be enough as the world's largest smartphone manufacturer. In light of the many challenges confronting his company at the moment, including the United States that asked Allies not to use Huawei technology over spy fear, company CEO Ren Zhengfei has warned employees that difficult times are ahead.

"In the coming years, the general situation will probably not be as strong as imagined," Ren wrote in an email to Huawei's staff in recent days. "We must prepare ourselves for times of trouble."

What apparently entails is, among other things, threatening staff losses. "We also have to give up some mediocre employees," continued Clean Email, "and lower wage costs."

Ouch. This is largely due to all this from the recent arrest in Canada by Ren's daughter ̵[ads1]1; Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou – before dispatch to the United States. Huawei is also concerned with increased control over the US and its allies premise that China is using Huawei products as a potential tool for espionage. The company's media blitz in recent days, including Ren, tells reporters that he believed Trump is a "big" president, seen in many circles as a reconciling gesture, to prevent the US opposition from being knocked down.

Ren also told employees in his email that "things went too smoothly for us over the last 30 years." While the company estimates it reached $ 100 billion last year, partly due to the growth of the smartphone, it is expected to slow down very soon. 19659003] "We were in a phase of strategic expansion, continued Clean's email." Our organization expanded in a destructive way. We must carefully examine whether all geographical subsidiaries are effective … In order to achieve total victory, we must implement organizational streamlining. "

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