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Asian stocks & # 39; decline faith optimism in markets today

Asian stocks are softer as they play up to losses at night in Wall St

  E-minis 14-05

  • Nikkei -0.7%
  • Shanghai Composite -0.4%
  • Hang Seng -1.6%
  • At the same time, we see US stock futures higher by 0.5%, while government bonds are also up with 10 years giving higher with 1.4 bp to 2.415% currently. So, despite the losses in Asian trade so far, it does not give a healthy impression of optimism in markets ahead of European trade.

    The exception to the losses today is the Hang Seng index, which is down 1

    .6% now in the break, this is because it plays two days to recover losses as Hong Kong markets closed yesterday .

    One of the remaining issues last year in markets was the risk of quickly and strongly restoring the risk after a setback in the US and China trade rhetoric. Now the theme is being tested again, but this time investors must also understand the consequences of a trade dampening against a slowing global economy.

    So there will be something to watch out for. Greed vs. Fear – the endless fight.

    A bright spot for Asian stocks and risks in general is that the seller seems to be quite stretched now, if you go to the 14-day RSI:

      MSCI 14 -05

    But I expects that the biggest question will be that investors value the EM and Asian equities as cheap, despite the downturn in the past week? At some point, you would expect a proper rally, but given ongoing trading tensions, I expect it will be difficult for stocks to pull off a sustainable rally over the next few weeks.

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