Arizona vehicle registration costs go up with new public security fee

PHOENIX – Your car registration is becoming more expensive from December.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, vehicle registration renewals will receive a new public security fee of $ 32 per vehicle. The fee will be $ 5 for street-legal golf carts and off-highway cars.

The changes will take effect on December 1st.

The charges will go against Highway Patrol operations, including "Responding to collisions on Arizona freeways, enforcing state laws designed to keep the vehicle safe, arrest reduced drivers, assist emergency drivers, aircraft cleaning and patrol more than 6,800 miles by highways. "

ADOT says that charges will also help improve Arias infrastructure.

In the last decade ADOT says most of Highway Patrol's budget came from gas tax. The public security fee will provide gas tax benefits better support for maintenance and road construction.

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