Ariana Grande and Starbucks sent social media to a tizzy Monday after posting mysterious twin tweets on Twitter. First, the popular coffee chain tweeted a message that included a series of emojis, including clouds, a cup of coffee and a green heart. Just two minutes later, Grande tweeted a similar message, except that she had a black heart and the date March 5 attached. Fans went on trying to figure out what the singer and company could refer to, but Business Insider knocked down speculation after revealing the details.

According to documents, Tuesday, March 5, Starbucks release a brand new Grande-inspired drink called Cloud Macchiato. The drink will have espresso, cold whipped foam and a caramel drizzle. It is believed that the cloud's emojis in the first tweets were a hint to the name, which is also a nod to Grande's cloudiness. Last month, Grande even launched its Cloud fragrance and this new partnership should help promote it as well.

As if the Grande-Starbucks merger could not get any deeper, the coffee chain would also have a Grande playlist that hit stores on March 9 and arrive on March 1

5. The singer's playlist will not only have music but also some of her favorite songs by other artists. In addition, on March 8, Starbucks debuts its International Women 's Day playlist which is specially cured for March.

Want to look up Starbucks to get a Cloud Macchiato?