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The Caffè Macs pizza box was already something of a legend, but now it has its own Apple video.

Earlier today, Apple sent a three-minute video title & # 39; The Underdogs & # 39; who tells the story of a group of co-workers who stumble into the opportunity to throw their idea of ​​a round pizza box to their bosses. One of the groups is rearing in a parking lot at the beginning of the day. To make things easier, a meeting to throw the box is arranged.

The quartet of employees is going to work on a simple sketch of a round pizza box in a finished product in a few days. They use a combination of Mac, iPhone, iPad Pros, and Apple Watch running a variety of apps, including Microsoft Office apps like Excel, a 3D design tool, and an AR app to get the job done. The video closes with the tag bar & # 39; This is Apple at Work & # 39; as the group jumps into a lift on the way to make the presentation.

The video is nicely done to obtain the abominable pace of a group as they try to make the most of them. As Cabel Sasser of Panic notes, it is even better with the video that the pizza box they design is the same pizza box that Apple patented and uses at Caffè Mac's cafeteria at One Infinite Loop in Cupertino.

Apple's patented pizza box has been featured before being included in a 201[ads1]7 feature on The Outline.

& # 39; This is Apple at Work & # 39; available on a special Apple on Work website at that shows how the products can be used in a collaborative environment. The page goes through each step in the design of the pizza box and the tools created in the video use to create it. The six-part feature even includes a downloadable USDZ enlarged reality file of the pizza box featured in the video.

I like this video a lot. It does a great job of telling a compelling story in a few minutes related to a wide audience and demonstrating how Apple believes the products can help solve everyday problems that people at work face. Whether the life of this quartet of co-workers is parallel to you, this is a video worth watching for its pure comic entertainment value.

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