Apple ID 10% Bonus Credit When You Add Fund Account

This weekend, Apple sent e-mails to all of their iTunes and App Store users about their latest campaign. From March 10 to 14, Apple offers a 10% credit bonus for any funds added to your Apple ID account. The offer is valid for all amounts from $ 1 USD to $ 200 USD so that all users who deposit a maximum of $ 200 to their Apple ID accounts will receive a total of $ 220 USD (a $ 20 USD bonus).

To add funds to your Apple ID, just open "Settings," tap your account name and click the iTunes and App Store option. After selecting your Apple ID, click "Add funds to Apple ID." You are taken to a menu screen where all campaign bids are available and you can choose how much money you want to add. The "Add Funds" page can also be accessed through the iTunes Store by clicking on your Apple ID or through the App Store at the bottom of the page and tapping the "Add funds" option.

The campaign extends beyond the United States with countries like Germany offering up to 1[ads1]5% bonus. But from now on, no credit bonuses will be issued to users in the UK, Australia or Canada.

In other Apple news, the tech girl will now repair iPhones with third-party batteries.

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