Apple can provide Tesla if its stock falls below $ 100 says tech critic

Could Tim Cook become Elon Musk's boss? Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Tesla's latest share price graph is a hard-to-swallow – even for door-hard fans. Over the past four trading weeks, the electric car manufacturer's stock has dropped more than 25 percent to a five-year low of $ 190 per share from Friday.

Things can get much worse over the next 12 months. If the shares fall another 50 percent below $ 100, Tesla can be bought by a larger company, forcing its outrageous CEO Elon Musk to work for someone else for the first time.

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At least, the scenario painted by Scott Galloway, a marketing director from New York University known for his blunt but often On-point criticism of today's hottest tech companies. When asked what the future holds for the fierce electric car manufacturer in an interview with Yahoo Finance this week, Galloway made a bold prediction that "this is the year Tesla is going to be rejected."

"This company could be cut in half," Galloway said, pointing out that Tesla's current stock price is only half of it a year ago. "And if you didn't know it had been cut in half, you'd look at it and go," For a car company it's overvalued. ""

In addition to Tesla's obvious problems as disappointing first-quarter deliveries and falling market demand, Galloway, a Tesla Model X owner, said he was deeply concerned about the company's "disastrous senior-level sales", which he called "weakest America's Board of Directors ", as well as a CEO who has" absolutely no control over his feelings. "

If stocks continue to dive to under $ 100, Tesla can eventually draw a few interested buyers. "I think Tesla goes below $ 100 per share within 12 months," Galloway said. "And I think it [will get] acquired because it's real brand value there. You can see many different people pulling out pencils and saying at a certain time, at which time Tesla becomes a really interesting arrow in its nozzles?" [19659003] Apple will be a rogue when a buyout is on the table, Galloway has added, because it is "the world's premier to create tech hardware, and you will claim that Tesla [products] is the premier tech hardware. So, from a product perspective, it makes sense. "

In fact, Apple has for many years rolled over projects in the self-driving car world. It even expressed a particular interest in buying Tesla for $ 230 per share in 2013, analyst Craig Irwin, Roth Capital Partners, told CNBC earlier this week.

Nevertheless, some Wall Street analysts believe this opportunity is a joke. According to a private discussion between Morgan Stanley and its institutional investor clients on Wednesday, a Tesla acquisition of a technological giant such as Apple or Amazon is unlikely, Yahoo Finance reports.

  Can Apple Acquire Tesla? A top tech critic says yes.

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