Another group of NC employees win $ 1 million in lottery

Another group of NC employees – in Wake County – has won a $ 1 million Mega Millions lottery prize, NC Education Lottery said in a press release.

The 14 staff contributed $ 20 each after Roseanne Smith saw the $ 1.5 billion Jackpot for Tuesday's drawing and started an office pool, according to Friday's press release.

There was enough money to buy 140 Quick Pick tickets at Circle K on Harrison Avenue in Cary, "said lottery officials.

Erica Hayes of Cary discovered that they had won after turning on television the next morning, according to the press release. The ticket matched the five white balls to win 1[ads1] million dollars and beat odds of one of around 12.6 million, officials said.

After government and federal taxes, each of the Wake County winners took over $ 50,000, "said the lottery officials in the press release

" They said that the winning ticket was sold in South Carolina, but they also said that two tickets in North Carolina won $ 1 million, "claimed Hayes lottery officials after the group claimed its prize at the state lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Friday afternoon. 19659002] After seeing that she had won, Hayes spoke to the group's supervisor, Francis Bassett of Zebulon, who was also part of the pool, said the news release. Bassett confirmed the numbers and immediately arranged a meeting to tell the others.

"First, I thought we were in trouble," said John Gulas of Cary, the lottery officials, according to the press release. "I expected him to say something about companies that did not want us to play on company time."

Lottery officials did not mention the workers' company in the press release. The lottery will not reveal the company where lottery winners work if they ask for it, the lottery spokeswoman told The Charlotte Observer this week.

The other NC group of employees to win $ 1 million – in Union County – also asked the lottery Not to publish where they are employed.

Some of the Wake County winners will pay mortgages and other loans, others will travel, according to news release.

Hayes told the lottery officials that she plans to take her daughter's first vacation. "I'm a lonely mother," Hayes said. "My daughter is 11. We have never been able to go together so I'll take her to the Disney World and the Harry Potter World."

Patrick Bloomer of Wake Forest said he would buy front seats for Wrestle Mania. "It was either trying to get Metallica to play in my back yard," said Bloomer lottery members. "I realized Wrestle Mania was more likely."

The lottery news release said the other colleagues are John Parker of Clayton, David Pitts of Raleigh, Ryan Mowatt from Raleigh, David Peters from Fuquay Varina, Roseanne Smith from Fuquay Varina, David Mosley of Apex, Walter Overman of Raleigh, Richard Degenhardt by Cary, Derek Proffit by Raleigh and Ted Hart of Cary.

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