And you thought your plane was sh * tty … Delta passenger forced to sit in FECES for 2 hours – RT US News

An airline from Delta Airlines was forced to sit in stool for a full two-hour flight after the airline's staff refused to clear the mess he found in his seat at boarding.

Matthew Meehan was given the opportunity to sit in the mess or miss the plane from Atlanta to Miami completely, as he contributed to the flight crew's attention. He was so shocked at how the airline employees treated him as he was about to find the explosion on his seat initially, and described the entire experience as dehumanizing "Yahoo Lifestyle reports.

Delta flight crew told Meehan that they actually had reported the mess to the cleaning staff and seemed shocked that it was still there. Instead of cleaning it, they handed him two paper towels and a bottle of gin from the trolley and told him to wash in the airplane room.

The discovery of the mess did not stop the embarkation process, even though Meehan says the Delta protocol is for boarding to stop as soon as an infection or biohazard is discovered. Again, the aircraft must have a biohazard kit on board – probably more than paper towels and gin. 19659005] Read more

  File photo: Delta check counter © Reuters / Ginnette Riquelme

Add absurdity to the situation, it did not seem To agree on where the stool had come from. The flight crew blamed a German shepherd dog, while the caretaker owed an old man who had been ill at landing, and the Delta firm pinched it on a golden retriever puppy. Meehan was not impressed. " It's bowel disease, it carries disease in a way you look at it ."

When several passengers discovered the mess, they could convince the boss to clean the area with paper towels by blocking the flight attendant in protest. But on oversold flight there was nowhere to sit, and the stool was still cut into the seats and the floors.

Meehan calls the airline's response – a refund and a token amount of frequent flying miles – " insult to injury ." " That's what I'm worth for them? 50,000 miles? … That's what people get to sign up for a credit card. It's not even enough for a plane . "

When it was time to fly home, Meehan took a cab instead. " I'm just not ready to get back on an airplane ," he said.

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