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Analysts believe the Ripple (XRP) price can increase to $ 0.55 just before it screams up to $ 1.00

Much for the chagrin of XRP investors and enthusiasts, Ripple's price has been somewhat stagnant over the past few months, increasing to newer heights of just under $ 0.50 from this year's low falls below $ 0.30.

Although these gains are absolutely nothing to fray, they are quite small compared to the 300% + gains that Bitcoin and many other cryptographic curves have incurred from their 2019 downs; but XRP may soon increase higher and pick up to other crypto curves.

Ripple Price Struggles to Break Over $ 0.50, but Bulls May Soon Step Up

At the time of writing, Ripple is trading nearly 2% to today's price of $ 0.475, slightly down from the last $ 0.50.

During a week's time, XRP trades up from low $ 0.42, which was a price at which the crypto basket was captured for a long time while the rest of the crypto markets grew higher.

The cryptomist, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, noted in a recent tweet that the XRP will probably require a little more time before it gets enough sales pressure to lift and climb higher. 1

9659007] "$ XRP: The 48 cents from yesterday's post hold so strong resistance so far. We broke up to 50 cents but fell back to opposition.

For where a break over $ 0.50 could lead XRP in the short term, Harry said, Another cryptocurrency analyst who primarily focuses on XRP, said in a recent tweet that the next target for Ripple exists at $ 0.55. "The $ XRP trading goals are now $ 0.55c – should have bought the dips when we moved into accumulation offsets, let's go x, "he noted.

Analyst: Having heard $ 0.55, XRP can target $ 1.00

Assuming analysts' ratings are accurate, and Ripple targets $ 0.55 next, a sudden influx of buying pressure may allow it to increase significantly higher, possibly leading to $ 1.00

"$ XRP : $ 1 Goal Starts With This Weekly Resistance Break, "The Cryptomist also noted in a recent tweet.

When the weekend breaks up and a new trading week begins, analysts are very likely to soon understand whether the XRP will again be caught in a consolidation pattern, or if it will start to increase significantly higher in the near future. [19659025] Featured image from Shutterstock.

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