An employee of the airline was injured after the emergency slide was triggered in the plane

SALT LAKE CITY (KTVX) – A Delta crew member was injured in an emergency landing Saturday after the plane made a diverted landing due to mechanical problems.

The flight, which flies from New York’s JFK International to Los Angeles International, was diverted to Salt Lake City due to a mechanical problem, according to a Salt Lake Airport representative.

While flying to California, the captain reportedly announced to the 168 passengers on board that there was a problem with the backup system’s temperature instrument, according to the New York Post and a passenger who spoke to Nexstar’s KTVX.

The Post reported that the plane landed without incident and the problem was quickly resolved.

After the passengers were boarded and the plane was about to take off, the emergency slide was accidentally deployed inside the plane. That’s when the crew member was injured, according to Delta representatives. The employee was hospitalized and has since been discharged.

A passenger recounted the incident to KTVX, saying they were only a few rows away from the incident.

A Delta representative said the passengers were moved to a secondary flight that landed at LAX later that evening.

“We apologize for the delay to your travel plans,” a Delta spokesperson said in a statement. “Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and people.”

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