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Amtrak unveils new Airo trains to replace aging rolling stock

Amtrak on Thursday released details about its new Airo trains, which will run on routes across the country starting in 2026.

Routes include Amtrak Northeast Regional, Empire Service, Virginia Services, Keystone Service, Downeaster, Cascades, Maple Leaf, New Haven/Springfield Service, Palmetto, Carolinian, Pennsylvanian, Vermonter, Ethan Allen Express and Adirondack.

The trains will reportedly replace the carrier’s 50-year-old rolling stock, according to The Washington Post.

“As we invest in the future, Amtrak is leading the way in a new era of rail,” Amtrak President Roger Harris said in a statement. “Our new trains will transform the Amtrak experience with significant environmental benefits, progressive design and world-class amenities.”[ads1];

According to the company, the “future” of Amtrak will include panoramic windows, speeds of up to 125 miles per hour, self-serve food options, wayfinding with a color-coded system, increased comfort with spacious seating, improved lighting, improved technology and a greener effect.

Amtrak unveils new Airo trains to replace aging rolling stock
The new Airo trains will begin running across the United States starting in 2026.
Amtrack Media
Airo train rendering
The new locomotives will travel at speeds of up to 125 miles per hour.
Amtrack Media

The new trains are more fuel efficient and produce 90% less particulate emissions in diesel operation.

The new trains are part of a “larger transformation” Amtrak said will “revolutionize” the experience, including new Acela trains, major infrastructure projects, service expansion, station upgrades, modernization efforts and improved track capacity along the Northeast Corridor.

Airo train rendering
The Airo trains will travel routes such as Northeast Regional and Keystone Service.
Amtrack Media

A portion of Amtrak’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs (IIJA) funding will support the acquisition of Airo trains, which will be manufactured by Siemens in California.

“Americans deserve modern, safe and reliable passenger rail service, and introducing brand new railcars is a big step toward improving the daily experience of commuters and travelers who rely on Amtrak,” said Federal Railroad Administration Administrator Amit Bose.

“This year, FRA provided nearly $4.3 billion in annual funding to support these improvements, and with President Biden’s historic investment in Amtrak, we are poised to make intercity passenger rail an even more efficient, convenient and accessible mode of travel for Americans, ” he added.

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