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American company fires 2,700 employees via text message: Report

American company fires 2,700 employees via text message: Report

The employees received no explanation

A Mississippi-based furniture company laid off nearly 2,700 employees just before midnight on Nov. 21, The Guardian reported. The company notified the employees of the dismissal in texts and emails and asked them not to come to work the next day. United Furniture Industries known for making budget-friendly sofas and recliners for Simmons Upholstery put thousands of people out of work just two days before Thanksgiving.

According to the New York Post, the message sent to employees from the company said: “At the direction of the board of directors … we regret to inform you that due to unforeseen business circumstances, the company has been forced to make the difficult decision to terminate the employment of all its employees, with immediate effect, on November 21[ads1].”

“Your petting from the company is expected to be permanent and all benefits will be terminated immediately without having provided Cobra,” the employee received in a follow-up email from the company.

The company also instructed drivers to immediately “return equipment, inventory and delivery documents,” regardless of “whether or not [they] have completed [their] delivery”.

Unfortunately, the employees were given no explanation as to why they were suddenly laid off. The two-decade-old company suddenly dissolved operations. New York Post reports say that over the summer, the company had fired its CEO, CFO and executive vice president of sales.

A UFI spokesperson told that workers were later told they could come to their workplaces to “collect their belongings”.

A laid-off employee expressed his disappointment, telling the portal: “It’s not fair for the workers who seriously worked so hard to be blindsided like this. It’s not fair for the mother who just had a baby to wonder if she at all taken have health insurance to cover it. It’s not fair to the cancer patient in the middle of chemotherapy about how she’s going to pay for her treatments.”

A former employee also filed a lawsuit against the company. Toria Neal, a resident of Lee County, Mississippi, who worked for UFI for more than eight years, claims in her proposed class action that the company violated the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act (WARN) and failed to provide at least 60 days written notice of a pending closing .

Langston & Lott, based in Booneville, Mississippi, filed a class action lawsuit against United Furniture Industries, Inc., alleging that it violated the WARN Act when it laid off all 2,700 employees.

“Under the WARN Act, the employees of United Furniture were entitled to either 60 days of notice or 60 days of severance — neither of which was granted,” Jack Simpson, an attorney for Langston & Lott, told FreightWaves. “If appointed as class counsel, we look forward to vigorously investigating the actions of United Furniture and seeking as much compensation as the terminated employees are legally entitled to.”

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