American Airlines, DFW Airport strike agreement to build new $ 3.5 billion terminal DFW airport

To drive home the point, local CEOs from several Japanese companies sent letters to transport secretary Elaine Chao.

"As a representative of a company headquartered in Japan," wrote Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota Motor North America, "I can tell you the influx of Japanese companies … has generated a booming demand for the DFW-Tokyo service . "

American and DFW just got a route to Haneda, but it's still a feat – and the last milestone in a long turnaround story.

When terrorists hit 9/11, DFW built Terminal D for international travel and installed Skylink People mover. Local leaders decided to continue the program for $ 2.7 billion, aiming for air travel to recover soon.

But many setbacks followed, including airline bankruptcies, setbacks and a financial crisis. DFW Airport ended in 201[ads1]0 with fewer international passengers than when Terminal D was opened five years earlier.

When the lure economy roared back, American Airlines restructured and merged with US Airways, and the international terminal became a catalyst for growth.

In 2004, before terminal D opened, DFW travelers could fly to 33 international destinations. Today there are 63 such places, including Haneda. Since 2009, international passengers have increased by 70 per cent, more than doubling the growth rate for all traffic on DFW.

The airport's debt burden has risen steadily, partly because the recently renovated three terminals, an investment of $ 2 billion. That burden has been offset by traffic growth and $ 4.50 construction fee that customers pay on each departure flow.

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