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Amazon's new delivery drone is a helicopter aircraft hybrid

Because the vehicle operates on six movements instead of four, it is generally more stable and better suited to tackle gusts of wind. AI also plays a crucial role. Of course, it can prevent unexpected obstacles (including moving), but it should also be good to spot wires that drones are more likely to miss, such as power lines or the backyard clothing line.

Amazon is still betting on drones with a 1[ads1]5 kilometer range and an ability to haul packs under 5kg to customers within 30 minutes. It hopes drones will not only deliver packages faster, but reduce their environmental impact by encouraging people to stay home.

You may need to temper your expectations. There is no mention of when to expect broad available service and it is still highly dependent on regulators who clear the way of delivery drums. Also, Amazon has not yet fully addressed the social and technological barriers that the drones face, such as the annoyance of drone noise or the challenges of flying in the rain. This represents a clear step closer to the Amazon goals, but not much more than that.

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