Amazon Will Challenge Pentagon's $ 10 Billion JEDI Contract to Microsoft

In July, President Trump directed Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper to re-examine the contract, citing concerns that it would go to Amazon.

(Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

In an email response to Amazon's Defense Department spokeswoman, Elissa Smith, said "we will not speculate on potential litigation."

The JEDI contract, announced in March 201[ads1]8, is intended to modernize Pentagon's data processing infrastructure in the hands of a commercial tech company.

"AWS is uniquely experienced and qualified to provide the critical technology the U.S. military needs, and is still committed to supporting DoD's modernization efforts," Herdener said. We also believe it is critical for our country that the government and elected leaders manage procurement objectively and in a way that is free of political influence. Numerous aspects of the JEDI evaluation process included clear flaws, errors and unmistakable bias – and it is important that these issues are investigated and rectified. "

Amazon is the market leader for long-range commercial cloud computing and has a leading 48 percent market share, according to market research firm Gartner. Microsoft is the second largest with a share of 15.5 percent.

Amazon is also the only company that has the Department of Defense's high-level security certification, called Impact Level 6. Microsoft took important steps during the long-term period that the award was tied up in lawsuits, ending a number of partnerships that observers say may have narrowed field something.

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