Amazon threatens Dow Jones antiques like Telsa Shuts Surface "Shops"

There has been a considerable amount of interest in the US regarding the health food store's health during a lot of retail space. Included in this discussion has been the effect this may have on US stock markets.

In Dow Jones, Nike leads the way as a top-choice package, and has posted 17% gains this year while concerns have grown for stores such as Walmart that face a possible attack from delivery behemoth Amazon. The closure epidemic has even affected Elon Musk and the groundbreaking Nasdaq listed company Telsa, which has been forced to close stores.

US retailers close stores in a record roof, including Tesla.

There are a few pages for this coin. Don't immediately assume that Tesla's closure is the same as JC Penney puts a red line through 1[ads1]8 properties. The traffic to US malls has been dipping for a while, and as a result, the performance of the companies relying on this has naturally diminished. Amazon's online revolution is probably an important reason for this. Dig a little deeper into Tesla's decision making process, and you realize that their retail presence will always be temporary.

more than "awareness center".

Following an awareness strategy, many of Tesla's stores were focused on popular shopping malls to increase interest in the brand. Because of regulatory constraints, they could not even sell in many places, as the municipality adopted a protectionist approach to car dealers. Lately at this stage of Tesla's development with media attention near all-time heights, a pure online sales model is anyway.

Dow Jones Enhanced by Walmart Robustness

This glass-half full access to Tesla's cut-backs also applies to Dow Jones listed Walmart. It is an old saying among investors that the market is always right. What the market tells us is that yes, Amazon can come for the grocery store, but Walmart can still adapt and counteract this attack. The stock would not be up 5% this year if it was not the perception. It is worth thinking that the media can generate talk of the Amazon overrunning budget-grocery market, but only one store is set and five more scheduled. Walmart has 11,695 stores around the world!

Elon Musk makes marketing and strategy one animal

For companies like JC Penny or Macy's stop look short term and start looking at the board. What are they doing right now to adapt to the electronic revolution? Change doesn't have to kill a business; As an investor, you want profitability and sustainability. The success begins and ends with the board, but it is remarkable how many people invested in DJIA companies can't even tell you part 1 of the long-term strategy. Publication is what Elon Musk does well at Tesla. He makes the marketing and business approach a coherent entity. This transparency is both refreshing and, at times, edgy, as his SEC runs have shown.

The Jones index has been particularly vulnerable to Jeff Bezo's grand vision for Amazon. Of course, Walmart, Home Depot and Nike have found their businesses affected, but others may also spot scrutiny. Bezos has often shown interest in getting into drugs and health services. Walgreens is affected, but the biggest DJIA marketplace is United Healthcare, which makes Dow particularly vulnerable to some major socialized healthcare or Amazon disruption plans. No one can see the future, but we can understand the present. Amazon will not exceed Walmart or offer healthcare with Warren Buffett anytime soon.

Dow Jones, FANG and Tesla can be overvalued, but where else will you put your money?

Waiting for better growth and innovation from the EU has proven to be a fruitful attempt. For this reason, US stocks have maintained their edge on the rest of the world. The weak global growth makes it difficult to print the Dow Jones founder, or the over-bought Nasdaq's Tesla or Amazon. They may be overrated, but it's just a natural outcome from being the only game in town.

Data: BEA / Eurostat

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