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Amazon stock workers in Minnesota are planning to turn on Prime Day over work practices – TechCrunch

Amazon stock workers in Minnesota are planning to strike during Prime Day on July 15, one of the company's biggest sales events. Bloomberg reports that around 100 employees are expected to spend a total of six hours to demand changes in work practices, including converting more temporary workers into employees and relaxing productivity quotas as they say creates uncertain working conditions.

Striking workers at the Amazon store in Shakopee, Minnesota will be joined by several engineers in a show of solidarity. The activism is led by the Awood Center, a labor law attorney group, and supported by the Service Employees International Union, Teamsters and the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Amazon claimed it "already offers what this remote organization is asking for", including hourly rates from $ 1[ads1]6.25 to $ 20.80 with benefits. It also said that "on average" is 90 percent of employees in the Shakopee warehouse full-time employees in Amazon and it provides coaching for people who do not reach their productivity quotas.

In October, Amazon announced that it increased the minimum wage for all workers to $ 15 an hour, but many workers said the increase was not enough, especially since it also got rid of incentive pay and limited equity deposits (the company claimed that the new wage rise offset it) new wage structure). [19659002] There are more than 100 Amazon stores in the US, and the exit is unlikely to affect the logistics on Prime Day, but it is remarkable as the last example of activism against the company's work practices, which is also under the control of lawmakers. Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have made Amazon's practices a central part of their platforms. For example, Sanders introduced legislation to force Amazon, Walmart, and other big companies to pay higher salaries, while Amazon is one of the tech companies Warren wants to break up.

According to the Bloomberg report, stronger unions in Europe mean that Amazon employees often play out on key sales days such as Prime Day and Black Friday, but this is the first time US employees have gone out on big sales events. The Minnesota strike follows other activism of Amazon stock workers in Minnesota, including a three-hour strike in March for better working conditions and talks last year for more prayer time and reduced workload during fasting for Ramadan led by East African Muslim immigrants.

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