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Amazon rejects face recognition, proposals for climate change


NEW YORK (AP) – Despite pressures from civil rights groups, activist investors and own employees, Amazon said on Wednesday that shareholders at an annual meeting in Seattle voted against proposals related to two major social issues: climate change and facial recognition technology.

The two face recognition suggestions had prompted Amazon to stop selling technology to government and said it could be used to invade privacy and targeted minorities.

Earlier this month, San Francisco has banned the use of facial recognition software by police and other city departments. Amazon has disappeared its face recognition technology, saying it helps police forces catch criminals, find missing people, and prevent crime.

The proposal for climate change, supported by more than 7,600 Amazon employees, pushed the company to provide a detailed plan on how to mitigate the use of fossil fuels operating their data centers and aircraft that are packing their aircraft.

Following the Seattle Stock Exchange Wednesday, employees said they were planning to continue putting pressure on Amazon to do more to reduce its impact on climate change. Amazon said it is already planning to release its carbon footprint later this year and has worked to cut freight emissions.

Amazon did not delete shareholder totals Wednesday, but said it will release them later this week in a government.

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