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Amazon Prime Day: Best Tabletop Gaming Deals (US)

This year, Amazon Prime Day has doubled in a full 48-hour offer period. If you're a premier, you'll have access to hundreds of products from July 15 through 17. Almost everything is discounted, from game and PC hardware to console controllers and VR headsets. It also includes table games.

In the following guide, we outline our favorite game platform games that are happening on Amazon right now. Whether you're looking for a simple card game to play with your family, a multi-layered board game to deal with your friends, or anything in between, we've covered you.

As Prime Day & # 39; T started yet, many of these deals can be enjoyed by all customers, not just Prime subscribers. It can no longer be the case of Amazon Prime Day, so if you are not a Prime member and you see a deal you want to benefit from, it is better to buy earlier, rather than later.

Board games

] Card games

If you are looking for some advice, I would recommend Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove (which is linked). Red Dragon Inn is a simple card game to pick up, but the addition of annual character extensions means that game strategies are constantly evolving and becoming more complex over time. The aforementioned fifth expansion comes in a box large enough to store the four included character covers, as well as all the cards that come in the original game and extensions 2-4, making it the perfect box to begin with. The Red Dragon Inn requires a minimum of two players, but the maximum is limited only by the number of unique character decks you have. Currently there are over two dozen characters (with even more on the way) so you can play with a massive group of people.

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