Amazon Prime Day 2023 Live Blog: Amazing Deals Reviewed by Experts

Keychron K8 mechanical keyboard

Keychron’s K8 wireless mechanical keyboard and one of the red switches.


Keychron, maker of affordable wireless mechanical keyboards, has a 20% discount sitewide for rival Prime Day. All keyboards (minus a select few) are at least 20% off, with some going up to 30%. Keycaps are up to 50% off, with switches and accessories 30% and 40% off.

If you’ve been in the market for a mechanical keyboard, where each key is spring-loaded, providing a satisfying feel and bounce when you type, the Keychron is a great place to start. Keychron keyboards can usually be found for less than $100, and most are Bluetooth-compatible, allowing you to switch between three devices on the go. There is also a wide range of styles, from compact to full size. Many also include RGB lighting.

The hardest part about buying a mechanical keyboard is finding one you like. With so many sizes and switch options, it can easily become overwhelming. For those just starting out, we’d recommend going with a larger size, like the Keychron K8 with red switches. If you want something more clicky, go with blue switches. The K8 also has hot-swappable switches, so if down the road you decide you want a different feel, you can ditch the original switches for new ones.

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