Amazon revolutionized online shopping and quickly became one of the world's most ubiquitous and successful businesses. This is partly because it was always at the forefront of reinvestment without stopping to actually make money. To get ahead of the competition in the retail business, the company announced that it is working to deliver free deliveries one day to its premiers during their earnings on Thursday.

Today, Amazon's annual subscription service qualifies you to free up two-day shipping with most products, and only when you order over £. 35, you get free one-day shipping. The upcoming faster delivery comes at no extra cost or conditions to pay the premier members.

The company says it is working hard on its logistics partners to achieve this faster delivery to a growing number of locations in the United States. However, it says that it will take considerable time before the service is fully deployed, and that it will give us further information about its efforts in the second quarter of the year. What we now know is that the service will start rolling out in the US and will be available globally over time.

The announcement comes soon after Amazon's quarterly earnings, where it turned out that retail revenues are slowing down, which is not surprising since a business can only grow so large. To retain customers, the company must provide them with more incentives to keep them loyal to their online store. Although Amazon may want even more retail growth, it does not mean that there are any financial problems ̵

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