Amazon may launch a new grocery chain that is separate from the whole food

Amazon has grown its retail footprint in recent years, although it is now planning a major expansion beyond what most expected, according to a Friday report.

The company that made its name in e-commerce looks for launching a brand new grocery chain consisting of "dozens" of stores, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Sources claiming to have knowledge of the matter said that the chain will have separate branding for Whole Foods, the grocery store that Amazon snatched up $ 13.7 billion in 2017. This means that it is likely to offer a wider product range than Whole Foods which mainly focuses on minimally treated goods. Cheaper prices can also be on the cards, with the marked differences that help minimize the competition between the two brands.

Amazon wants to open its first store under the new brand in Los Angeles by the end of 201[ads1]9, with the company also in negotiations to open stores in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia and Washington, DC

In particular, journal's claims report that Amazon could quickly strengthen its new brand by purchasing regional grocery chains that are already running at least a dozen stores.

Besides Whole Foods, Amazon's food-focused businesses also include a grocery store, as well as Amazon Go, an advanced tracking technology store that allows customers to simply "grab and go" with their Amazon accounts automatically charged.

The sources could not say if any of Go's smarts would end up in the new store, but if it wasn't there at the launch, it could be further incorporated along the way

If Amazon goes on and on Launching the new grocery chain, the sources suggest that it will be great for customer service, with online ordering and pickup options also expected to be a large part of their broader offerings.

Walmart, the country's dominant merchant, will look with great interest to see if Amazon is moving to expand its presence in space significantly. In a bid to stay ahead of the competition, the well-established stores in recent years have rolled out pickup at an increasing number of stores and are also increasing the delivery network for customers who prefer to shop for groceries online. 19659010]

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