Amazon founder Jeff Bezos interested in owning an NFL team has strong support from current owners

Multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos has an interest in buying an NFL team and has become close with several current owners, according to league sources, and has strong support in the league to eventually join their ranks. Bezos, the Amazon mogul who also owns the Washington Post has spent considerable time around owners, including Washington's Dan Snyder, and is moving to Washington.

Bezos is one of the richest people on the planet and watched the recent Super Bowl from the supreme to Commissioner Roger Goodell, sources said. Powerful owners like Jerry Jones think he would be a great addition to the NFL, not to mention the opportunity to pay top dollar, cash, for a franchise to his liking when they become available. There are no teams on the market at the moment, although the Seattle Seahawks will be sold at some point after Paul Allen's death last year, and there is considerable concern in the league about mounting lawsuits from various heirs to former Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, with the team that was possibly on its way to the market also within a few years.

Bezos & # 39; s relocation to Washington creates a stir in this area, as is his bond with Snyder. For several years, Snyder has been trying to get a state-of-the-art stadium built in DC, becoming increasingly frustrated with the location and age of FedEx Field. Bezos moved the Washington Post to a new location after purchasing the paper, and created an Amazon hub in the area, and some believe it can help Snyder pursue a new stadium, perhaps even an Amazon site. sponsorships. [1[ads1]9659004Explainerthatthiswillbecreasetothepotentialfranchisesalesandtheseyourcourcesandthisshortlistedcompletelywithincomplicatedtransactionbyarticlearticulars

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