Amazon asked the Spanish police to intervene in stock strikes

Amazon asked the police in Spain to intervene in a mass strike on a warehouse on the outskirts of Madrid, according to local reports.

Amazon wanted a police community in the warehouse to ensure that productivity remains high within the fulfillment center while workers staged their protest outside, according to Spanish newspaper El Confidencial.

A source of Spanish union CCOO, who helped coordinate strikes, told Insider that Amazon "wanted to send the police inside the warehouse to make people work."

Amazon strongly denied the allegations and called it "the worst type of misinformation."

The dispute outbreak that thousands of Amazon workers across Europe staged turn on black Friday in protest at the warehouse's working conditions. About 1[ads1],600 employees went out in Spain.

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The Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reported that Amazon met police after strike was announced. It wished that local officers "force employees to go to their respective jobs and ensure their performance was identical to a normal working day."

Amazon's request "dumbfounded" police, according to El Confidencial. "The request was categorically rejected by the police, which maintained that controlling labor productivity does not fall within its authorities," said a police officer.

Police enforcement officials stressed to Amazon that the Spanish law protects workers' right to strike. They told the company that the police would be present in the strike, but would limit themselves to keeping peace.

Police presence on an Amazon store on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain on black Friday 2018.

Amazon denied that it had asked the police to intervene in the strike. A spokeswoman told Business Insider:

"Amazon is a responsible company that sets its customers and partners first. We are always working with government agencies, including the police, to ensure the safety of our people and our operations."

"However, any suggestion that we have used this relationship in a wrong way is categorically incorrect. Everyone who understands how businesses and local government work will know that these ridiculous proposals are the worst type of misinformation."

Madrid Police were unavailable for comments.

This is not the first time Amazon has asked the police to intervene in Amazon-stock protests in Spain, El Confidencial notes. When workers went on strike at Prime Day in July, it said that Amazon asked the police to guarantee access to workers crossing the picket line and trucks carrying goods. The strike in July resulted in collision with the police, including some arrests.

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