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Amazon accidentally sold $ 12,000 lenses and other equipment for $ 100 on Prime Day

Amazon offered some nice deals on Prime Day earlier this week. But thanks to several price errors, some users could score offers that one can only dream of. There were a few cameras, lenses and sets sold for around $ 1

00, a little retail at a regular $ 12,000 price!

The first "deal" is quite nice: it included a $ 548 Sony Alpha a6000 with a 16-50mm lens listed at only $ 94.50. A user noticed it and sent it to Slickdeals, and it just got more exciting from here. The users began to notice other "deals", or better to say wrong, and added them to the website. All of them listed other expensive equipment at slightly more than or less than $ 100. "A number of user lenses and cameras, including EOS R or RF 28-70," wrote a user. Another added that he found a $ 2,500 Canon camera also marked $ 94. Read through comments, it turned out to be Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. One user wrote that he ordered this camera for $ 101.59 after tax. "Say it'll be here tomorrow," he added. In addition to the Slickdeals users, this guy also scored a $ 1000 Fujifilm X100F for $ 102.

But the craziest deal has to be this: "I got a $ 13,000 lens for $ 94 LOL waiting for the cancellation, but It's like 99.3% off, "wrote a lucky user. After being flooded with questions about the lens model, he added that it was Canon EF 800mm f / 5.6L IS USM. It is currently listed at $ 12,000, not $ 13,000, but there was still a discount!

Judging from the comments, the errors are corrected now, and all the equipment is back at its fixed prices. After all, even the official Amazon Prime Day deals are over. After this gang solution, some lucky photographers with tons of expensive equipment ended up paying under $ 1000. When the mans were over, a user wrote the comment that probably reflects the feelings of all of us who have missed those "offers:"

"After several years of lurking around on this site, I made an account today to post this very commentary to say that my depression lacks this deal. I will now go back to my corner and try to live vicariously through everybody else's purchase items. "[19659007] I feel, bro.

Were you going to score some good (official) deals on Amazon Prime Day? Or did you manage to take advantage of one of these errors?

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