Alphabetically responsible person calls himself "far from perfect" when dealing with marital relationships at work

After a former subordinate accused Alphabet Chief Legal Officer David Drummond in a blog post about the altercation and refusing to pay child support for the son they had while together, Drummond called himself "far from perfect" in a statement that addressed the allegations her .

On Wednesday, Jennifer Blakely, a former contract manager in Google's legal department, detailed her relationship with Drummond which began in 2004. Although Drummond was married at the time, the two had children in 2007 and lived together, according to the blog post.

Blakely's relationship with Drummond required her to transfer departments at Alphabet, the parent company to Google. She eventually left the company with the expectation that Drummond would financially support her and their son. In 2008, she said he ended the relationship.

"I have spent the last 1[ads1]1 years taking on one of the most powerful, ruthless lawyers in the world," Blakely wrote, noting that Drummond would go for months without seeing his children or making child support.

The charges against Drummond come after a series of stories of executive misconduct at one of the largest and most influential companies in the world. In late 2018, Google employees staged a worldwide walkout to protest an internal coverage of a $ 90 million payment to former senior vice president Andy Rubin, who allegedly forced a subordinate to perform sexual acts.

Drummond's personal statement does not address most of Blakely's claims, noting that "it is not a secret" that the couple had "a difficult break-up 10 years ago." While saying he "regrets" his part in it the breakup, he did not clarify exactly what he regretted.

"Her account raises many claims about us and other people, including our son and my ex-wife," he said. “As you can expect, there are two sides to all the conversations and details Jennifer tells, and I have a completely different view of what happened. I discussed these allegations directly with Jennifer, and I addressed the details of our relationship with our employer at the time. "

Google declined to comment on the matter and would not say whether it took any action with their chief executive. .

"I am sorry on many levels, but I am also grateful for the growth in character I have had since then – and for my son," Blakely wrote Wednesday. "What I never understood is why I was the only one with the consequences, especially when I knew that David's treatment of my son and me was nothing more than abuse."

Drummond directly addressed Blakely's claim that he had conducted separate relationships with his personal assistant and a former colleague of hers.

"Except for Jennifer, I never started a relationship with anyone else who worked at Google or Alphabet," Drummond said in the statement. "Any suggestion otherwise is simply not true."

Before Wednesday, Blakely had shared parts of her story, including her departure from Google and her son's custody battle with the New York Times. She described the treatment of the company as something that "reinforces the message that for some people there are no consequences," she told the Times.

Blakely did not immediately respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News. [19659002] "I know Jennifer feels wrong and understands that she wants to talk about it," Drummond said. "But I'm not going to go out in public about these personal issues."

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